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Students create hip-hop projects rooted in knowledge of Oakland public parks and climate change as part of the Agents of Change youth artist residency program, funded by the California Arts Council. (Pictured pre-pandemic.)Sarah Arnold Photography/Hip Hop for Change

Khafre's Hip Hop Education Programs touched over 30K kids K-12

ABC7 NEWS - November 30, 2021

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- The four principles of Hip Hop Culture are peace, love, unity, and having fun. Rooted in these core pillars, HipHopForChange Inc (HH4C) is reclaiming Hip Hop culture as a vehicle for education, empowerment, and cultural innovation.

"The biggest misconception is that Hip Hop is music, it's not, it's a culture," described Khafre Jay, Founder & Executive Director of HH4C.

NBC Bay Area named Khafre a Hip Hop Hero

May 26, 2021

When George Floyd was murdered, the dancers at Full Out Studios didn’t want to stay silent.

The Oakland dance studio formed an informal board to discuss their options, sparked by a “base-level decent human reaction of being disgusted” by Floyd’s killing, said Full Out co-founder Rocko Luciano. But the staff — multiracial and led by three Asian American studio owners — was anxious about saying the wrong thing. For a few days, they waited to see if other studios would speak out, but they saw nothing on social media.

Khafre and Stephanie Liem Showing Afro-Asian Solidarity
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