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Khafre Jay

Speaker, Artist, Activist.

"It's about giving the microphone to as many people as we possibly can"

Khafre Jay

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About Khafre Jay

Khafre Jay is one of the hardest working activists in the Bay Area. Hailing from Hunter’s Point San Francisco, a neighborhood that stands in stark contrast to the gilded city we’re used to seeing in media, his activism is deeply rooted in real communities dealing with real issues. He is at home on the humblest corner speaking to the people as well as at the gaudiest lectern speaking truth to power.


Khafre’s experience in merging activism and expressive cultural arts has led him to found Hip Hop For Change; a 501c3 education organization which uses Hip Hop culture to educate and advocate for social justice in the Bay Area. He has spent many years doing work with disadvantaged young people, using his Hip Hop roots to bridge social gaps, and help kids find a stronger sense of identity through their culture.


Khafre Jay is also an accomplished artist as well, blending revolutionary rhymes and his soulful voice to create images of struggle and resilience. He’s rocked with legends like Rakim, Method Man, Dead Prez, Krs1, Jean Grae, Pharcyde, and even Tone Loc to name a few. He is a veteran of the Bay Area music scene with 25 years experience on the stage performing in 38 states. Along with his background in theater, choir, and Jazz trumpet, Khafre Jay understands what it means to be an MC.


Khafre’s brand of hardcore, revolutionary, anti-misogynist, community-oriented Hip Hop, is a plus on any stage.  From the street corners of Hunters Point San Francisco to lectures and performances around the nation, if you want your audience moved, Khafre Jay is your answer.

Get in Touch 

For booking a performance, lecture, or workshop, send an email with information about your event.
For all other inquiries, feel free to reach out as well, and don't forget to check out his music page before you go!